Jan Golden

For the first time in 8 years, when I looked at my television and realized what a lead Donald Trump had over so many of the other candidates. I was thrilled and Burgas really pulling for him as o had worked in commercial real estate in Houston for over 10 years and Mr, Trump was

Tina Hillstrom

As the happy wife, a mother of 4 grown children, loving my Maltipoo & 2 pet house bunnies, I am a feminine warrior for America. An award winning interior designer in Minneapolis, Min., we moved to Beverly Hills in 2005 after making a movie “Micheal Moore Hates America”. After debunking MM, we were invited to

Kim Perkins

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I’m 53 years old & I ran my families business until I had my 2nd son! I now help run our residential & commercial properties in Massachusetts & south Florida with my husband Andrew. We relocated to Boca Raton 6 years ago. I am very passionate about conservative politics &