For the first time in 8 years, when I looked at my television and realized what a lead Donald Trump had over so many of the other candidates. I was thrilled and Burgas really pulling for him as o had worked in commercial real estate in Houston for over 10 years and Mr, Trump was above and beyond any expectations! I am more than thrilled as my head was on my desk with so many failed presidents in front of him. At first, o could maybe see the status being jerked from him but every indication led to his direction!! Amazing work and I caught my breathe from holding it as the night ticked toward over! I couldn’t believe his luck but also his integrity and well wishes to ahdvfir America!! As the night dragged on, he has a very substantial lead and I was pulling for him!! Now, we see what he has done for our country and no one can beat that! I fully pray for our Lord to offer him comfort and the will to continue his lead!! Go Donald!! Smooth Sailing Ahead!!


To pray and substantiate all of the wonderful things that President Trump has achieved for America! Continue on Mr. Trump!! Right now, there is a fairly clear path to the “head of the class again!!” Take it away President Trump!!