55 mail from the state of Maryland. I live in a state that is generally Democrat, but our section of the state is pretty much Republican backed! I guess you would say I am an essential person, volunteer firefighter, and drive a truck delivering goods! I support the Second Amendment, as well as an avid hunter and I go fishing when I can.I love the Freedom of the outdoors! I believe, that we should support all of our legal immigrants and US citizens, first! All illegals, and people that have entered the country within the last 20 years need to be either screened thoroughly, And or deported immediately! The reason why I say go back 20 years, because they could be a terrorist plant only here for a mission! I believe that you must be a natural born US citizen, to hold any type of office that is in government or as an elected official! KK I do not believe in giving illegals or emigrants any type of funding or support. They came here on their own, let them earn their own keep! They should get nothing! And no one Should get benefits over our military personnel and former Vets! We shouldn’t say former military, Because as the Marines say, once a Marine always a Marine! Their dedication and loyalty does not stop when they are discharged. I believe they need to bring back all jobs to United States! We should cancel all foreign aid to other countries, and take care of our own! And let the US people have a say where their tax money goes, because I don’t want my money supporting any deadbeat that is too damn lazy to get off their ass and work for their money.
I could go on and on.

To do whatever I can to support Donald Trump and conservative Republicans!