Sally Breck

Masters in Education, elected to local school board with 50,000 voters 1999-2002. Mrs Missouri 1985 and Mrs America Photogenic 1985. Two children, 4 grandsons, concierge tour guide for executive families transferring to St Louis, fitness instructor. Math & reading tutor for children. Been a Republican since joining the Young Republicans in high school! Further liberty

Diane Hoffer

I am a flight attendant living in Orange County CA. I have always been conservative, and a huge Trump fan for years. I enjoy horseback riding and traveling. I am also a Chocolatier in my free time. I believe President Trump is the only man who can break us free from the evil cabal trying

Hyela Makoujy

Born in Seoul, South Korea. Immigrated to USA at age 11. Attended Manhattanville College. President of Schuyler 4 Ltd. Live in W Palm Beach and Pawling, NY. A longtime Democrat turned Trump Republican. I believe President Trump is the greatest President of my lifetime and he has my unwavering support.