Kate Corbett

My name is Kate, and I live in Mesa, AZ, with my husband and two kids. We, proudly, love and serve The Lord and pray for the heart of our beautiful country, daily. I have tremendous faith, that our best days, do not lay behind us, that we have ability to save America and that

Jodie Hunsaker

Hi my name is Jodie Hunsaker. I married my high school sweetheart. We have 5 boys and 3 girls and 11 grandkids. I had AWSOME parents. My parents are passed and I love decorating their graves for every holiday sending my love to heaven to them. My husband and I scuba dived for a few

Joanie Helgesen

I am a professional Harpist since the age of 10. Started life in an orphanage, was adopted and given opportunities I would not have had. Piano lessons, Harp lessons. At the age of 58. Started tap dancing lessons, Auditioned for and performed in live theater in Palm Springs, Ca. Tap dancing and performing with my

Margaret Pulles

Margaret Pulles is an accomplished communications pro with extensive government relations, grassroots, media and events experience. Her achievements include rebranding companies, cultural institutions and nonprofits, repositioning their missions or initiatives that successfully connect with diverse communities and target donor base, helping profile the entity and raise millions of dollars as a result. She is distinguished

Patty Peach

I have been a Trumpette at heart ever since 2015 as well! I am a professional political fundraiser and have helped President Trump since the beginning as a regular bundler, volunteer, state director, and official fundraising consultant.