Margaret Pulles is an accomplished communications pro with extensive government relations, grassroots, media and events experience. Her achievements include rebranding companies, cultural institutions and nonprofits, repositioning their missions or initiatives that successfully connect with diverse communities and target donor base, helping profile the entity and raise millions of dollars as a result.

She is distinguished by analyzing any situation presented and knowing instinctively on what to do to take it where it needs to be. Senior congressional members have remarked on the accuracy of her advice and recommended strategy.

This is a result of knowing constituencies, human behavior and in-depth understanding of people of different ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds, knowing how they feel about issues, their concerns and what resolutions connect.

Over 20 years of experience in the private and public sectors, Margaret has often been told that she should be a CEO of a major organization. Her analytical skills, combined with her precise budgetary and management style, makes Margaret an asset for any significant task.

She is a free spirit at heart and commits when the challenge is meaningful, impacts people in a positive way and has the support and trust of those who retain her for the job.

She has an enviable global network of high worth assets in every sector, level and position which makes her an even more valuable asset. There is not a door she wont get through, as long as it’s for a legitimate cause or reason.

Margaret is first generation Cuban American. Has lived in over 8 US states, Mexico and speaks English, Spanish and French fluently.

She currently splits her time between Washington, DC and her native Miami Beach and spends her free time enjoying the natural beauties of the great state of Florida or on tour in seek of new adventures.

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