Gloria Giorno

I am Gloria Giorno, the author of OUTCAST-How The Radical Left Tried To Destroy A Young Conservative. That young conservative is my son who posted a patriotic post on the 4th of July in 2020 on his personal IG page. Shortly after, 300 comments were made on that post, mostly negative. They included “go kill

Monica Wilson

My name is Monica Wilson, born and raised in St. Louis MO. I was a 3 sport athlete from the early age of 4 until I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Human Service’s and Mental Health. I joined the Air Force upon graduation at 24 years old. I served for 20 years and 13 days

Leanna Valente

Hello, I am a die hard conservative and have been for many years, registered to vote (under my leagl name, another) in PB County, former Dade County. (Former NY’er, never going back, moved to FL in 2017 and again permanently in 2021.) I am happily single, self supporting and will be 55 in two days,

Christine Siggelakis

Retired model and actress and totally pro Trump. My husband passed away October of 2021 and he was a stuntman and actor for 47 years. His career was under his first and middle name of Nick Dimitri. He was also a huge supporter of Donald J. Trump. We retired from Malibu, Calif. to Sarasota, Florida

Lindsey Rowland

Lindsey Rowland is an Iraq War combat veteran who served ten years on active duty with a total of two years in Iraq, most notably a 15-month deployment during the 2007 “Surge.” Lindsey is a Bronze Star Medal recipient, earning the Combat Action Badge and Parachutist Badge. She served as a logistics officer and was