Lindsey Rowland is an Iraq War combat veteran who served ten years on active duty with a total of two years in Iraq, most notably a 15-month deployment during the 2007 “Surge.” Lindsey is a Bronze Star Medal recipient, earning the Combat Action Badge and Parachutist Badge. She served as a logistics officer and was later selected as a Foreign Area Officer (FAO) for Germany. Lindsey served in some of the most notable military units, such as the 10th Mountain Division, where she was the sole female commander in an infantry brigade during her time as a company commander and subsequently ranked as one of the top commanders.Currently, Lindsey serves as the co-chair for the DC GOP Ward 6 and Heroes group and is also a member of the DC GOP Advisory Committee. Lindsey is the host of a political podcast called Carry On Politics, which has over 75 episodes that focus on interviewing Republican congressional candidates. She has her own lobbying business called LR Lobbying, which focuses on military and veteran legislation. She has worked on high-visibility legislation like the Brandon Act, a bill allowing better access to mental healthcare for active duty service members. She sits on the board of the Brandon Caserta Foundation, which was created as a follow-up to the legislation.

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