Dear Mom and Dad,

      First and foremost, I love you and Dad more than you’ll ever know. I guess I thought I better get that out first. Sorry, but I’m calling out the elephant in the room. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever see you all again. Lying here in my tent is surreal, real surreal. I mean the guys and I have a lot of time to think. Too much time to think! In fact the more time I have to think, is just more time I have to think about the things I wish I’d done, said, hope to say, and hope to accomplish. I guess in my situation those feelings are normal, but at the age of 42 it’s scary, dam scary.
    Speaking of scary, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m scared. Enrolling in the Military seemed like a good idea at the time. With Dad, and Grandpa having served, I felt like it was my duty, but it was a different time when Dad and Grandpa served. Back when they served, America was a country that cared about it’s military personnel, and their welfare. They had Presidents that gave it’s military what it needed in terms of weaponry, manpower, and support. They had a leader in a President, not a follower, not a surrender-er. They had Presidents that wanted America to win, and gave orders to do all that was necessary to win. Now we have a President that sends us in after telling it’s enemies we’re coming, and tells us to “stand down”, until it’s too late to protect ourselves, our men, and anyone else for that matter. Never have I felt so vulnerable as I do now. Never have I felt so fearful, as I am now. 
     It’s  horrifying, really horrifying what’s taking place. Americans that care to listen and learn more about Benghazi, think Benghazi is a real tragedy, and rare occurrence. Benghazi was a real tragedy. Rare occurrence it was not. What Americans don’t know, is that Benghazi happens quite regularly. In talking with the guys, I just learned of an incident that occurred not too long ago, in Afghanistan. This guy I with whom I served in Iraq was killed. I really, really liked that guy. He was a cool guy. We spoke of playing golf the next time we were both off duty, and back home. Poor guy didn’t have a chance. He and two other guys were up against about a hundred men, and enemy fire. Apparently they knew it was coming, and they asked for support some 22 times. That support never came until it was too late. Frankly I’m surprised the other two men weren’t killed as well. It’s tough when I hear those stories because I can’t help but wonder when it will be me?
    What the hell am I here for anyway? Thanks to this administration and a Commander In Chief in name only, our work in Iraq was all for not. ISIS formed due to this administration leaving Iraq so soon. What we have now in this region, is a hell hole of evil, greed, and death, and I am now in this hell hole. The difference is when I was in Iraq I was one of 166,000 troops, today I am one of 250 troops. Word has it that ISIS has around 80,000 troops. Basically we’re sitting ducks over here and for what? For what purpose am I and the other men here, other than to serve as a prop for our President. What? So he can tell the world that he tried to do something to save the Syrian people? While I have compassion for these people being persecuted by both ISIS and Asaad, I can’t help but think that this is a war that is not ours to fight. If I must fight this war than for the love of God, let me have a President that provides me with the necessary manpower and support. I instead have a President that warns the enemy of our coming. Had we come into Syria with first an air campaign annihilating the enemy, I would feel more secure. Instead I am here in a tent asking why? 
         Why I’m here, is I am a man of honor and I will do what is expected of me to serve my country. While I miss you, Dad, and Charlie horribly, it is all of you that keep me going. If I close my eyes and let my mind wander, I can almost feel as though I’m eating your famous prime rib in the kitchen with you and Dad, and  Charlie is curled around my feet at the kitchen table just hoping for a nibble. Wow this is hard, but then nobody ever said life was easy. 
       Looks like I’m being summoned to start my day guys. Big hug for you and Dad. And  Mom, and please give Charlie a belly rub for me, and tell him I’ll be back playing ball soon. You can also tell Dad I intend to kick his butt on the links. For now I’ll have to be satisfied with kicking some ISIS butts! 
          Love you guys!
       Writer’s note: This is a fictional letter that I am quite certain is written every day by our young men in the military. The man mentioned in my letter whom was killed in Afghanistan, is a real soldier who’s death was told to me by a family member just recently. Unfortunately it is true, back up was requested 22 times, and it never came. I am told by men in uniform, that Benghazi is now a regular occurrence under the current administration. It appears neither Obama nor Hillary care about our military’s safety by repeatedly failing to back them up after being asked for help. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016