Christine Rona is a professional singer, television commercial actress and artist. Some of her first public performances were at sporting events and she was even dubbed “The National Anthem Girl” for the numerous times she sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” Christine was honored to be asked to sing at many “Trump Events”: Jan. 2018 Red, White and Blue Celebration at Mar a Lago, March 2018 for the Lincoln Day Dinner at Mar-a Lago, 2017 at the GOP 16th Annual Lobsterfest at Polo Club, and the Club 45 USA Meetings just to name a few. Christine Rona is a proud supporter of President Trump and is committed to the Republican party. “Singing our National Anthem gives me goosebumps every time! That glorious hymn fills my heart with extreme joy and pride. It reminds me about the hardships our freedom fighters dealt with to provide us liberty. I can hardly hold back the tears while I’m on stage! It is a great honor and a privilege to be able to sing for the GOP and the Trumpettes!

My mission is to Inspire people to join the Republican Party through music and to sing the National Anthem at all Republican events.

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