I have been a rising TV star in Taiwan (musician), Graduate student in the US, a female Michelangelo (Mural Artist), one of the top 3 Directors of the largest Psychiatric hospital in the Central California, Computer Graphic Programmer for one the top Fortune 100 companies located in San Francisco, a Poet, won 2 International awards (First & Second Place), modeling for TV commercials & print ads, and then in 1998 I became one of the first 25 Stock Day Traders in the nation, and was interviewed by BBC TV news in 1998.

From 2000 to 2015 – an Expat Oil Princess in different Arabic countries.

I have done many things in life, but there is nothing makes me more proud of myself than being a diehard Trump supporter!

Especially after I was appointed by the LA County Trump Campaign Headquarters as the Trump Campaign Leader for Palos Verdes Peninsula in September 2016.

After I was appointed, I have put my life on hold, worked till 4-5 am almost daily to help Trump get elected through social media and eBlast, communicating with Trump supporters and the Republican leaders in Palos Verdes and other cities in Los Angeles.

I have organized various Trump support events in Palos Verdes Peninsula in California.
I have flown to the swing state Florida in October 2016 to help Trump to get more votes.
I also help financially send Strike Teams to Nevada, and make huge Trump signs for the protesters.

I have also donated money to LA Trump Campaign Headquarters & local Trump offices, and national Trump HQ regularly.

I have converted 9.5 non-Trump believers to vote form Trump.
I have indirectly converted 50% of a Hispanic church in San Pedro into voting for Trump.

I have never worked so hard for anyone in my life! Especially for someone that I have never met! I will do the same or more for Trump in 2020.

Now I want to turn California to Red!

I am helping Dr Ken Wright (running against Ted Lieu), and Edwin Duterte (running against Maxine Waters) win the congressional race in 2018, so that we can take back California, then we will make Trump win in 2020.

It would be great to meet other diehard Trump supporters in your area.


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