I AM AN AMERICAN WOMAN WITH HERITAGE AS A FOUNDING FAMILIAR OF OUR USA. CHRISTIAN MOTHER, PRODUCER 1981 to Present. TRUMP SUPPORTER/ENDORSER/FOREVER LOYAL AND FORTHRIGHT BELIEVER IN OUR CONSTITUTION, FOUNDING FUNDAMENTALS, AND FUTURE . I raised three children alone, with being attacked by my ex-Democratic-husband. My son is a Doctor of Orthopedics and lead Sports Medicine in our GREAT COUNTRY! My son, Chaz is the Sr. CELLULAR SCIENTIST #2SPECIALIST AND DIRECTOR OF Genetics Lab for PFIEZER! Made cure for genetic diseases(Duscheneys Muscular Dystrophy, Wilson’s Disease and a hemophilia). My daughter is a Doctor of Pharmacy/Acute Care/ Infectious Disease. I fought for my children against paid judges and criminal lawyers. LOOK AT THEM! I fight for DONALD J TRUMP AND OUR COUNTRY! We must stop the Socialist thugs! Bio info: Producer Miss World America. Coordinating Manager/In House Producer of Studio 54. Brought film to NC. TV Hist/Producer ABC, CBS, FOX, CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, ESPN, TIME WARNER CABLE, AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, RELAY FOR LIFE, JDRF,AMERICAN HEART, and more. Many awards and accomplishments. My greatest is being the mother to my Amazing Children. Dog/K-9 trainer and handler. Advocate and vocal for VETERANS. Documented lead for Verterans with PTSD. Trainer (highly noted) for 90% K-9 training for Medical and PTSD ALERT K-9. Legislation for Veterans snd Canines. Realtor. Organizer. Changer. Motivator. Blessed.

Women are here to Rule the World, and decorate it with beauty.. inside to out. I am dedicated to supporting PRES Trump, and I will not stop working to solidify our country for my children and all REAL AMERICANS! I am Blessed to be able to help many, individually and collectively. Having the Right Heart, Lord’s Guidance, and educated path indicating on the true principles of what we want for our children, our lives, and Our Beautiful Country, is a golden path. Donald Trump is chosen to do just such, and I support him.

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