Helen JeanI come from a family with a strong tradition of campaigning for Republican candidates, as well as supervising the voting process at the polls. I have actively campaigned for many national and local Republican candidates since I was old enough to vote. I have also been involved in recruiting new Republican voters through registering friends and associates and various groups.

I designed a pink baseball cap last year with the words “Trump, for such a time as this” at my own expense and then made them available to all my friends who were interested in promoting Donald Trump. I gave one to my friend, Gloria Myers, who is Trump’s executive secretary at Mar a Largo. She is a good friend of mine and lives nearby. I’ve had many comments everywhere I go and people are asking how to get one of these caps. This is a very exciting time in America and we are all anticipating that Donald Trump will be our next president.

I want to work for the Donald Trump campaign to ensure that he becomes our next president and help him to for fulfill his pledge to make America great again. I feel that this is the most important election America has ever faced and the last chance to save our country. I want to be a part of The Trumpettes who also have the same vision.

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