I am an entrepreneur owner of trade show organizing company and writer. Have written 7 books to date.EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS
1984 – owned and operated my own resort/hotel in Chatham-Ontario overseeing all aspects of hotel operation from administration, hiring and firing, purchasing, advertising, marketing and promotion, coordinating events.
1984-1988 – Worked for Sheraton Center Hotel downtown Toronto. With over 1000 rooms and over 250,000 square feet of meeting space, it was a massive exciting undertaking.
Regal Constellation Hotel as Director of Convention Services and Sales.
1988 – 1998 I operated my own conventions services and trade show organizing firm. Tradelinks International focusing on hotel training, conventions services and international trade shows and missions.
1998 -2001 Owned and operated my own restaurant in Toronto. Via Baltica.
2001 -2002 – Hotel Management Training Manager for Concord College of Hospitality in Beijing,
2002-2005 – Vice President Corporate Training school in Huizhou City China.
2005 – 2008 Senior Director of Customer Relations Management Division Responsible for Quality Control and Training at Kande International Hotel – the first 5 star hotel in Huizhou City.
2008 to present – Operating hotel consulting firm Tradelinks International
2009 to 2018 full time lecturer at the Tourism Hotel Management Department Huizhou University, Huizhou City. China
December 2018 – October 2020 – Leasing and Event Manager – Downtown Chatham Mall Chatham, Ontario Canada.

1994 -1997 Appointed Executive Director of The Baltic Business Council under direction of Department of External Affairs Canada
1996 – Addressed The House of Commons on the potential for “Tourism Development” in the emerging markets.
2006 – Self published three novels
2010 –Published Tourism Guide book for Huizhou City LETTERS FROM HUIZHOU
Have traveled extensively to over 30 countries
In 1994 – Was a consultant to Hotel developers in Russia
In 2008 – Was a hotel consultant to Hotel developers in Danshui and He Yan Cities in China.
In 2008 – Collaborated on a Film Documentary that was aired in CCTV China Beijing regarding local Hakka culture and tourism promotion. This documentary won first prize in 2008 Documentary Film Competition in Guangzhou.
2010 – Published my 7th book
2013 – Launched Toursim Magazine HUIZHOUN ON THE GO
2015 – Awarded Best Tourism promoter by the Huizhou Government
Tourism Bureau – including several prestigeous awards.
2015 – CHE
Writing, cycling, photography, cooking, sailing, tennis, swimming, water, coloring and playing the piano
Currently not married and I have no children
Born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Immigrated to Canada 1963
Canadian Citizen
Living and working in China for almost 14 years
Fluent in English and Lithuanian
Understand and speak some French
Can speak some Mandarin – learning

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