Retired from VA hospital as a Med Tech. Now I work part time . Moved here in 1956 have voted Republican since I was able to vote. I am proud of our POTUS. God Bless us all. Have helped in local campaigns. Have done many Race for the cures I belong to The Women of the Moose n The Eagles Fraternal groups. Enjoy sports although I am done with the NFL.

I believe this great country has much to offer those who care. I believe what the POTUS is doing is going in the right direction and I want more Republicans in office to continue on the right path. My family came here from Italy through Ellis Island the proper way. I want to help children understand n realize we mean what we say n want to help them understand what America stands for I know they r not learning like we did. I stand for n believe in God, Flag and Country. I believe in law enforcement as my brother retired 44 years from PBSO also in the military as my companion of 30 years is a Marine.

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