I’m a Christian, an 18 year Stage 4 breast cancer survivor, my professional life/career was in the business world (high technology, insurance & venture capital industries), my husband and I are ranchers raising angus cattle & American Quarter horses. So I’m familiar with the white collar business world as well as the blue collar business world.

I commend Trump on his equal treatment of women. I may not always agree with the words he chooses to make his points, but I almost always agree with the points he is trying to make.
Many women say they want equal treatment, but it seems many women only want it when it suits them and in the manner in which it suits them. If you are in a meeting and have a bad idea I believe whether you’re a man or woman you should be told “That’s a terrible idea”…but when Trump has responded to some situations with women in the same manner and with similar responses to what he would say to a man – many women all of a sudden don’t want “equal treatment” because they don’t want to be talked to that way because they are a women??

I’m very encouraged at the chance to have someone running our country that is proud of America, has successful business experience and has learned from his mistakes in business, recognizes areas where he can surround himself with people more knowledgeable than him to oversee those areas, has obviously raised a great family and most importantly sees how our country has been in decline financially, morally, spiritually and internationally and is prepared to take action to “right the ship” so we don’t keep blindly sailing the wrong direction.

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