I work as a Senior Executive for a Fortune 500 Company. I also work with my husband in our Real Estate ventures. He is involved of all aspects of real estate investments, sales, and real estate development. I am active in supporting numerous charitable organizations. We are strong supporters of Israel (as is President Trump). We attended the 70th Birthday celebration of Israel at Mar a Lago in March 2018 hosted by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. We have been major contributors to the “Wings of Eagles” program which allows persecuted Jews all over the world to return to Israel. We are conservative Republicans and have hosted many political fundraisers at our home. We were a supporter of OUR President before he was a serious candidate. It is refreshing to have a President that has the courage to take on the corrupt establishment and protect the “America” that our forefathers founded. We are also thankful to have a President who puts America above politics. We recently attended the Private President’s Reception in Kansas City to financially support his Senatorial pick, Josh Hawley. In addition to our passion for politics we enjoy and love spending time with our children, grandchildren and our fur-babies.

We are strong advocates of Our President and his policies. Our goal is to stand with the President in electing congressmen and senators that he needs to make America GREAT again and we will never get tired of winning. MAGA

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