Toni Holt Kramer

Ann McFarlan

Hello – I am a professional photographer and one of our specialties is shooting newsworthy events. – my partner and I recently took photos of President Trumps Toledo, OH rally. What an honor! Look forward to doing more photos of our POTUS and hopefully his Inauguration in 2020.

Deborah Harwell

A Conservative Republican who has resided in both Carolinas. Deborah has been a leader in the media all of her life, starting as a young reporter in NC. She was the founder and publisher of The Myrtle Beach Herald and Business Journal and a co-host of a Conservative Talk Radio program, with the highest Arbitron ratings for ten years in a row in Myrtle Beach, SC. She is an activist for President Trump and follows and attends rallies and fundraisers for Conservative leaders with Christian views.

To support and get others to support and elect Conservative, Christian leaders.

Donna Inman

I am 55 years old no kids or siblings, I recently married Ivan who served in the Army as a paratrooper. Most of my family have been military. I am a breast cancer survivor and run my own Relay For Life team called K9loversagainstcancer.I am also a dog lover and we do dog rescue. My husband and I went to Edingburg,TX last year and rescued 100 dogs.

The most important thing about me is I am all for Trump.

I want to run a campaign in my town, have a rally in support of Trump, I want to educate and open the eyes of these misguided Democrats. If we all work together it can be done.

Connie Gordon

I live in Jupiter, Florida. I admired President Trump before he became president. He is such an asset to our country. Toni sat next to me at a Gala this past December. She told me how to join the Trumpettes, which I have admired since I heard of the group. I so enjoyed her company that evening. A very dedicated and fun woman!

I will support President Trump in his re-election! He has done so much for our country. I am proud and grateful to live in the USA!
Trump For President!!

Rachel Marahall

I am a Conservative, Wife, RN and Proud American and I hate what I’ve been seeing from Democrats S long as I can remember. I feel Trump is a God send and has done amazing things for our beloved nation and her people. We must fight the leftist agenda or we will no longer have a country to love. Go Trump 2020!!

I will do everything in my power to help this wonderful President be re elected!

Kristina Davidson

I immigrated from Sweden in 1974 when Sweden was going socialistic. (They have since learned that is not the way to go). I live in Denver Colorado, am part owner of a commercial bank, and have raised millions of dollars for charity.

To keep America from socialism and help to make America great again!

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