Tracey Darroll

As CEO of Blue Iris Group, I manage and oversee a private portfolio of investments in real estate, private equity, and stocks and bonds. To secure our nation’s future as the prosperous emblem of capitalism and religious freedom that the U.S.A was founded upon.

Michelle Esposito

Hi! My name is Michelle Esposito. I recently turned 49 on Christmas Day 2019. I am originally from OK and TX and have lived in FL for 8 years. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life, starting a business before going to college and selling it after my first husband passed away. I was

Theresa Harrell

Cancer Survivor 6yrs Praise the Lord, Love God, Family, Friends, Our Great Country and Our Wonderful President, Blessed Beyond Measure, Jesus is the Reason Get as many people to Vote for President Trump as possible by sharing on Social Media and Hopefully working with local Campaign Headquarters!