Toni Holt Kramer

Susan S. Moss

I was born and raised in Kansas, went to Kansas University and William Allen white school of journalism. Married and moved to New Canaan Connecticut where I have raised my three children for over 30 years. (Now divorced). Senators Elizabeth and Robert Dole are lifelong family friends and I was Elizabeth’s CT advisor for her 1999-2000 presidential exploratory campaign.
I was in international news media for 20 years got out in 2005 due to the propaganda after 9/11. I write and produce for television and media. Just finished writing my first book entitled #AmericanFreefall: To Expose the Darkness. It’s My personal survival and supernatural witness and memoir of the days leading up to 911, that day, and where we are as a nation today.

To reelect President Trump and our conservatives. To counter all news media propaganda wherever I am, in support of President Trump and his wonderful family, to teach those who are asleep about our enlightened constitutional republic; to expose socialism indoctrination and radical Islamic terrorism where ever I go in this country and as often as I can on social media; and to make sure that we #NeverForget911 because most of America has. (And I will never forget what Donald Trump did for all of us for the past 35 years in the tri-state area. He is amazing!)

Carolyn Cook

I am a Southern Lady a conservative that loves this country and President Trump. I have been a very active supporter of Our Fabulous and Fierce President.
I am a hardworking proud single mom, a Central Florida Realtor since 1990. When I am not working I am doing everything I can to support President Trump.

To keep Our Country Strong by volunteering, setting example, being involved, having a voice in support of President Trump and Our Country.

Celia Terenzio, Esq.

I am a career government lawyer in Palm Beach County for the past 32 years. One of President Regan’s most important contributions to our Country was his very public and unapologetic patriotism to America. I am a very proud first generation American of Italian decent. My father came here legally as a child in 1930. He embraced America, fought for America in WW II and up until his passing last year was the epitome of the American dream. My parents worked hard to provide the opportunities to their children through education and love of family and country. I am a very proud American with a deep respect for my heritage.

I am very concerned that over the last decade patriotism has been under attack. Under our former President, patriotism, albeit ever so subtly, began to take a back seat to globalism and the notion that the United States must apologize. Now, the attack on patriotism is blatant and the contempt for those who express their love for and pride in America is palpable. I believe we are still apart of the “ silent majority” but I do not want to be silent any longer. I love President Trump, I love what he stands for, and the longer he endures and fights the fight, the more he exposes the destructive hate and hypocrisy on the other side. Joining the Trumpettes, if I’m permitted, would be my way to also “fight the fight”.

Rhonda Nasser

I am a Republican; a 29 year resident of the Town of Palm Beach; as well as a business owner in the Town. I moved here in 1991 after I completed dental school at Loyola University in Chicago. I have owned my own dental practice for the last 29 years and therefore as a very small business person, I embrace the policies of the Republican Party.

I want to show other Americans that there are many people from different walks of life, different stripes, and diverse backgrounds that support President Trump. The unprecedented negativity and attacks leveled against decent Americans simply because we support the values and policies of this President is very dangerous and beyond unwarranted. My decision to publicly support President Trump by seeking membership in the Trumpettes is my attempt to demonstrate that we are not racist, nor stupid, and certainly not deplorable.

Leslie Ward

A graduate of Cal Poly Arch. & Environmental Design, SLO, CA. I grew up in an Engineering Construction family, and have worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. In 1987 my husband Jim (a retired US Navy Commander, who served 2 tours in Vietnam and spent 3 years at Camp David) and I bought a small, failing construction business in No. CA. Today Sausal Corporation is recognized as one of the leading Public Works Construction firms in California; now moving into the next generation and capable hands of youngest Son, Joshua.
A LEED Accredited Professional since 2004; Past member of the Center for the Built Environment, UC Berkeley; Past Board President and Founding Member of the Lamorinda Wine Grower Association, current LWGA Board Member; Board Member and Treasurer for the Chamber of Commerce, Orinda. Founder and owner of Los Arabis Vineyards, Lafayette, CA; producing Pinot Noir in the new “Lamorinda” AVA.

Living in California, it can be difficult to speak up as a Conservative, but we must! I support President Trump because he supports our Military, is not afraid of the Liberal Press, or tackling the enormous problems facing our demoralized Country. Operating a business in California is extremely challenging due to our onerous restrictions and high taxes. But we are already seeing signs of roll back on some of these regulations through his policies. I look forward to improvements and opportunities in our country’s infrastructure. I pray for, and expect to see through President Trump, the return to Judaeo-Christian values in America.

Claudia Plain

I’m a 56 yr old female . Married 30 yrs with 3 beautiful college educated children. We run a very successful family business and have been on the Trump Train since day 1!

My mission is to make sure my family stays as a solid unit and do everything I can to educate people all that President Trump has done for us.

Joan Ravasy

Interior designer working in NYC, Florida and NJ dedicated to my profession and clients. Volunteer work for the Safe and Sound center of NJ.

Dedicated to supporting a way of life as a republican and supporter of Donald Trump and retaining what truly makes America great.

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