I am the Senior Vice President of a medical billing company based out of Missouri.

One of the many reasons I was for Donald Trump from the start is because he is a successful businessman; and I knew America desperately needed a non-politician who could turn the USA around and look out for the American people! He is doing just that! Just look at his amazing record: Bringing back jobs, unemployment at record low numbers, GDP numbers up, and the stock market has had too many record-breaking days to count since he took office! I feel like someone is finally looking out for the American people, after years of being ignored by establishment politicians who were only there to look out for themselves.
As a conservative Christian, I am extremely happy with his appointment of two great Supreme Court Justices; Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. In addition, he has appointed a historic number of Federal judges who will interpret the Constitution, just as he promised. He has been very supportive of Israel, stood up for religious liberty at every turn and been an excellent friend to the Pro-Life movement. I am so very proud of President Trump. Countries around the world are respecting us again. They know that he means what he says! His foreign policy has been simply amazing to watch. He is running circles around the career politicians that were in office before him. In the past, Presidential candidates would say anything just to get elected, they didn’t have the backbone to follow though once taking office. However, this President makes promises and he keeps them! How very refreshing! I am so proud to say that he was my choice from the very start. I saw an honest man who wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers (that were long overdue to be ruffled) and get things done! He has far surpassed anything I was hoping for in every category!
As a successful businesswoman I can tell you that my favorite President, by far, is Donald J. Trump! I look forward to his re-election in 2020 so that he can continue this great movement of Making America Great Again!

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