Laurie Luongo

Former VP HR for Trump Hotel Collection (2007-2011). Resigned to care for Mom with Alzheimer’s. Grew up in South Florida. In 2019, published “The Essence of Donald J. Trump”. First book signing at Barnes & Noble Las Vegas several months before Covid. Staunch conservative interested in restoring the values and mores of my generation which

Sueli McPherson

I am Sueli McPherson, born in Oct 23, 1981 I am a Former Fox News Editor, Producer Film director, Screenwriter, Journalist. I had been named expert in Post Production Segments, also I Promotes Humanitarian causes and i am very noted for my work with goodwill services, I had been received substantial media attention for project

Nivia Lucero

Married 24 years, Mother of 2. Live in Boca Raton, Fl. Committeewoman in Palm Beach County; Prnct #5174. Volunteered for and helped get Gov Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott elected. Helped train and assign precinct duties to PBC Poll watchers. Currently on committee with and work under Mrs. Linda Stoch on Lincoln Day Dinners;

Philip Schrantz

Army Veteran, 9-11 First Responder (FDNY), part of Trump presidential motorcade and rally security details since 2016, co-founder of the Republican Reset Super PAC. Charitable endeavors have been fearing Ted on THE TODAY SHOW, Glenn Beck, CBS Evening News and covered by over 400 national press & media outlets. Toni Holt Kramer took part in