Dee CushingMy husband, Tommy, and I moved to Palm Beach in 1982 with our children Kelly and Christopher. They both attended the Palm Beach Day school. Over the years I’ve chaired a few charity events and have been on numerous committees as well. We lived on List Road for 25 years. Basia Hamilton painted my portrait in 1986. I’ve seen your name on some of the emails she has recently sent to me. This is what prompted me to inquire about the Trumpettes. After we sold our Palm Beach home in 2004 we moved to our home in Newport Rhode Island. We came back to Florida a year later and now live in PGA National. We spend our summers in Newport. I formed a committee in Newport, Rhode Island to elect Barry Hinckley for Republican senator in 2012. I organized many fundraisers for him and got my feet wet in politics. I’ve always been an activist and enjoy being involved in politics.

I’m so disgusted with the Republican Party and I think that Trump will be the only candidate that could turn our nation around again. I would love to be a Trumpette and be involved in getting Donald Trump elected. Obama and the Democratic Party have annihilated our country. We must undo the damage.

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