As a Woman Marine, I helped pave the way for Women in the service, as the 1st female Marine to stay aboard a War Ship & 1st Female Marine in Combat Operations in Desert Storm. I am a Veterans Advocate, fighting for Veterans as my own Disabled Vietnam Army Vet Husband was on a VA backlog for nearly 8 years!
I have 1 Daughter; and my 2 Sons are Navy & Air Force Veterans. I have 4 Grandsons. I was the Florida Director for Veterans for Trump during the 2016 Campaign, along with being one of the 29 Electors for Florida who proudly cast my vote for Pres. Trump. I created and I am the President of the Veteran’s Republican Club of Polk County-the first such Veteran’s Club in the County and in the state of Florida.
I attended The Trumpettes event last year, as well as this year’s Red, White & Blue Celebration at Mar-a-Lago. I live in central Florida-in Lake Wales. I love My President.

To get as many like-minded people aboard the “Trump Train.” We need to keep our borders safe, for our future generations. We need to put God & Prayer back into our schools.

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