I am a 21 year resident of Northeast Texas.
I am originally from New Jersey. I am a mother of 5 boys. I am a stay at home mom and love it! I am married to a wonderful man of 22 years. I love giving back to my community and helping those in need any way I can! I do alot with my family to help the homeless here in Fort Worth Texas. We bring meals- blankets-coats to help them get through the cold nights. Also St. Jides is one of our big charities we support. Last Christmas we hand delivered 100 toys to St Judes hospital as a family. It is important for us to do things like this with our children.

I have been a Democrat all my life. I am now a walkaway! I love and support our president. I am a good person with a very caring heart and could no longer associate myself with Democrats behavior and what theyve become. I’ve never paid more attention to politics than I do today! I rally and support Trump 100%. He loves America and gets the job done! Hes a do-er not a talker! Hes got my vote and endless support!

Caring for the American people is my passion!

GO TRUMP 2020!

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