Nancy TapickI was born and raised in New Jersey. My first introduction to the Republican Party came from my Dad. He was an officer in the RNC of Bergen County, New Jersey. I was too young to be a Nixon Girl and go to the rallies on the campaign bus but my Dad worked it out so that I could be a Nixon Girl, and he would take me to the rallies. I loved it and was very proud of what I was involved in. I followed every election from that day forward and have worked on many other campaigns. !Today I am President of The Desert Symphony in Palm Desert, California and a life member of the Houston Symphony in Houston, Texas. I was on the Organizing Committee for the 1984 Special Olympics Gala in L.A., Organizing Committee for Jimmy Witzer Save a Heart Foundation, ACT for MS, Houston Chapter Chairperson for National Jewish Hospital Denver, St. Jude Children Research Hospital Auxiliary Chairman, LA March of Dimes Committee, and Houston Diabetes Foundation. I am enthusiastic about this election and will work diligently to achieve our
goal to have Donald Trump become our nominee and next President. I am proud to tell others about why I feel the way I do about Donald Trump and Conservative Values. It is extremely important that we help get Donald Trump elected so we can all “Make America Great Again.”

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