terryEbert2My name is Terry Ebert-Mendozza. I lived in Manalapan, Florida for 30 years, commuting weekly to Chicago, as CEO of Ebert & Associates, a mega real estate firm with high-rise properties in downtown Chicago. I was the youngest realtor in the State of Illinois, and successfully ran the firm until my retirement in 2012. I was named the 2009-2010 Cambridge Who’s Who Professional of the Year Representing Real Estate. I am still a real estate investor, now in Florida, having relocated to Delray Beach.

Having owned and operated a business for 45 years, Donald Trump is my choice for President, because I believe he will make the right choices to reduce our deficit and stimulate jobs. Without a strong economy, we have no future. Mr. Trump’s no-nonsense approach to business is what our country needs, for what are we, but a large business which has been terribly mishandled in the past. I believe Mr. Trump will balance the budget, create jobs, bring back businesses which have left for foreign countries, and bring back the values which we, as Americans, long for: God, family, and pride in our Country.

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