Toni Holt Kramer

Jackie Abramson

I have lived in NJ for most of my life and now reside in Wellington, Florida and I am very happy to be near the “Winter Whitehouse.,” the epicenter of the world. I am married with two sons and we all absolutely love the entire Trump family and I am thrilled to have President Trump as our leader.

Support our President any way I can and surround myself with other supporters to keep getting others to see that President Trump deserves everyone’s support for 8 years of leadership.

Patricia Lawford

Former Secondary School teacher at Flora Hill secondary college Melbourne Australia. Joined the family Real Estate business in 2002. Established on the ethos”We don’t look after Real Estate We look After People” . Mother of two amazing children ( adult) Kim and William who were brought up in a loving Christian environment. Family is very important to me as it is what keeps me focused and inspired to reach out to the broader family in the community to foster Christian fellowship in those who are seeking God’s grace. I absolutely admire the patriotism President Trump has for his nation and his people. His Christian principals and his vision for America is the hallmark of a great leader who is destined with God’s grace to steer America back to the greatness it has always been renowned for . I truly believe that with President Trump in the Whitehouse his message of strength in unity will be the fortress which unites his nation and the world to move forward in a most positive direction. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the founder of the Trumpettes Toni Halt Kramer for being an excellent ambassador for President Trump via the morning show in Australia. It was so awesome to see Toni represent President Trump in the manner in which he truly deserves. I am sure that all President Trump’s supporters here in Australia would be thrilled with Toni’s articulate narrative of President Trump’s Character and achievements. President Trump is. Loyally referred to by his supporters in Australia as ‘The Incredible Trumpster! MAGA.

Morreen Brunetti

I was born in Canada and now living in Australia. I am passionate to see stability restored to all aspects of the economy within the US. I think Trump’s vision, focus and passion for the U.S. stems from a genuine concern for the country and not for personal gain. He is the first president to be motivated for the good of the country and the people from all socio economics. Trump has been crippled in his progress to achieve great things for the country because of all the rebuke against him. If everyone would get behind him, he will do great things not just for America, but globally we all stand to prosper. Wake up people & support the only president who has the right intentions for the good of the country!

Patricia Vaughan

Member of Toastmasters
Diploma in Hypnotherapy Diploma N.L.P. Psychology
Partner of a small Building Firm.

1 of 5 siblings born in UK now Naturalised Proud Australians. Flying the flag here for Trump; won’t tolerate the negative spin given out in the media and among social circles drawn in by the bullshit! Our Mission: Push for STRONG leader for our great OZ who has the ‘Balls’ of the mighty Donald and Keep spreading the positives of Trumps mighty leadership. I say: IT’S NOT THE MONEY! HE’S THERE FOR HIS COUNTRY, HONEY!

I love the positive thinking and actions of President Donald Trump; He stood and
Thumbed his nose against the Paris Climate change agreement.

There are many of us that are convinced that this is a hoax that has conned world leaders
into throwing away the good hard earned taxes of the masses; Even the best scientists in
the world cannot prove that any of this is making a difference. I am a fan of President Trump;
he has the strength of character to stand up and be counted for what he believes is best for his
Country and our Planet.

The Morning Show – Australia

Thank you to the cast and crew of The Morning Show – Australia. Following my center spread in Marie Claire Australia, (their most popular magazine) I was invited along with fellow Trumpette Sandy Martindale to do a live show from Century City, CA last Monday afternoon to air live on Tuesday morning.

Watch the video here.

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