Ann McFarlan

Hello – I am a professional photographer and one of our specialties is shooting newsworthy events. – my partner and I recently took photos of President Trumps Toledo, OH rally. What an honor! Look forward to doing more photos of our POTUS and hopefully his Inauguration in 2020.

Deborah Harwell

A Conservative Republican who has resided in both Carolinas. Deborah has been a leader in the media all of her life, starting as a young reporter in NC. She was the founder and publisher of The Myrtle Beach Herald and Business Journal and a co-host of a Conservative Talk Radio program, with the highest Arbitron

Donna Inman

I am 55 years old no kids or siblings, I recently married Ivan who served in the Army as a paratrooper. Most of my family have been military. I am a breast cancer survivor and run my own Relay For Life team called K9loversagainstcancer.I am also a dog lover and we do dog rescue. My

Connie Gordon

I live in Jupiter, Florida. I admired President Trump before he became president. He is such an asset to our country. Toni sat next to me at a Gala this past December. She told me how to join the Trumpettes, which I have admired since I heard of the group. I so enjoyed her company

Rachel Marahall

I am a Conservative, Wife, RN and Proud American and I hate what I’ve been seeing from Democrats S long as I can remember. I feel Trump is a God send and has done amazing things for our beloved nation and her people. We must fight the leftist agenda or we will no longer have

Kristina Davidson

I immigrated from Sweden in 1974 when Sweden was going socialistic. (They have since learned that is not the way to go). I live in Denver Colorado, am part owner of a commercial bank, and have raised millions of dollars for charity. To keep America from socialism and help to make America great again!